For 10 dollars on your credit card, you can run a precisely targeted test of a product, an idea, a marketing technique, a name, of almost anything you can imagine in fact. You can have the test running in a few hours, and have the results of the test immediately, with near perfect tracking of critical information. It is a marketers dream. There is only one place you can do this. Facebook.

To be specific, you can do this using the new Facebook advertising system. It’s a marvel and you really should check it out. 

The old facebook advertising toolset was pretty slick, and I have used old facebook ads on behalf of my clients for everything from political campaigning, selling organic hand-made cosmetics, to marketing newly created phone apps. It was a very useful system.

The new Facebook advertising tools are so much better it’s not even funny. They make the old Facebook ads look like sticks and stones compared to cordless power tools and computers.

In fact, it’s possible that we are looking at the birth of a Google-killer. At the very least it challenges google to improve the flexibility and lower the prices of Adwords. All Facebook has to do is roll out a system that allows it’s advertising to be embedded into websites off of the facebook platform and google is in trouble.

If you have a Facebook account and a Facebook page and a credit card, you ae ready to start using the system. All you need besides those things is the ability to create the exact sizes of graphics or videos that Facebook requires, with a tight adherence to the rules for the features and text that you can put on the graphic. And good ideas for the text and the marketing strategy you want to try.

This is the first in a series of posts on Facebook advertising tips and tricks, graphic designs, Headlines and subject lines and how to plan and design facebook ad campaigns.