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The internet changes constantly.

What worked last year can sink your project like a stone this year. Styles and functions change, new tools and services appear and old ones vanish, the search engines change their preferences and ranking policies and do their best to keep these changes a trade secret, and your website visitors change their expectations and behaviors. 

Your problem is how to stay ahead of the changes.

Ideally, you will position yourself ahead of the changes, prepared for them, so that the new and ever more powerful waves of internet traffic push your project forward, instead of sinking it. But this is getting harder to do every year.

It’s a full-time job just to keep up with the changes.

The flood of information pounding through your computer is already impossible to filter and manage, and it is getting worse every day.  Some fields of critical importance are exploding with new innovations, while right next to them other fields that used to be important have been rendered obsolete and unworthy of your time and money. How could you possibly stay on top of these critical, but often invisible, changes, while at the same time operating your website? Realistically, you can’t. 

For this problem, paying an expert is like putting money in the bank.

I have been building websites since 1989. I have been through internet changes so massive that over 90% of the small to medium sized web businesses went bankrupt. I study internet trends daily, looking in exactly the right places to track changes which have just occurred or which are soon to come. And have many years of practical experience applying that knowledge of trends and changes in the most cost-effective ways.

I can help you stay ahead of the wave.

 Send me a message and let’s discuss your website.
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FREE GIFT OFFER: I will give a free hour of consulting or work of any kind to everyone who sends me a message about their web project using this contact form to the right and the FREE GIFT OFFER claiming method below.

All you have to do to claim your free hour is write the word FREE at the end of your message describing your web project. Anyone who claims this free offer will be given priority position ahead of other contacts. The only restriction on the offer is that you have to have a real web project.



Looking for help with your web project? Do you need someone who works fast, has expert skills, and who is also a dynamic communicator with perfect native English? I can help you.



I write custom text copy on any subject, using 2017 SEO best practices and keyword & keyphrase research, that will bring you a steady flow of high-quality search engine traffic and at the same time satisfy and inform your website visitors, entertain them, and persuade them to sign up for your services and buy your products.

The writing you see in this lead generating contact form is an example of the types of writing I could do for your project.

I can also do far more than simply writing text content for web pages, blog posts and web articles, sales and marketing text, and special purpose high-quality news and information text including journalistic, academic, and research articles. If you have a website, i can upload the writing, and fit it precisely into place to produce an attractive and finely tuned webpage that guides your visitor directory towards the actions you want them to take. I can work on WordPress sites, Drupal, Joomla, and other CMS websites, and handbuilt or template HTML and HTML5 sites. Arrange to give me the login information I need, tell me when you want the content to appear, and I will take care of the rest.




I can also create graphics, web-ready photos, and illustrations for your website, including such simple but necessary elements as buttons and arrows, photo and video galleries that have been optimized for search engine traffic, landing pages designed to sell with psychologically irresistible marketing copy, and a broad variety of other types of powerful web content fitted to your unique needs.

I am skilled in Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesgn.



Everybody loves whiteboard videos, in which a hand is shown drawing images and text on a white screen, often with a voiceover explaining an idea, a product, the benefits of a membership, the features of a service or app, and more. Whiteboard videos are amazingly persuasive, often producing 35% more sales than a typical video, an added punch to an ordinary videos known effectiveness in getting people to buy or join.

I make whiteboard videos. I have the tools and the know-how to create custom whiteboard videos for almost any purpose, using either commercially available graphics or special graphics that you provide. I can arrange to record your voice for the voiceovers, or provide the voice content myself based on a script that we create. I can create custom whiteboard videos fitted to your needs to add powerful and viral content to your website.



And I can help you create, format, and publish Kindle books, e-books, .mobi and .epub and .pdfs, and self-publishing projects of all kinds.


A/B Testing is one of the best ways to find out which elements on your web page or in your writing and web marketing content are working and which are not. Two nearly identical versions of a web page are created and then shown randomly to your web visitors. The differences between the two pages are carefully chosen. Almost always one page will perform better than the other, often for reasons which remain a mystery to marketers. But you can use the insights gained to improve your website’s sales and performance in an objective and measurable way.

I have the tools and experience needed to conduct A/B Testing on your website and help you understand and use the results



I create WordPress websites at all levels of size and complexity. I am a full-service developer, and can provide hosting, customization, operations, maintenance and updates, everything you need from the beginning of a project until you become a multimillionaire and want to sell all your web properties. 

Let’s discuss your project. Use this contact form to send me a message with your questions, concerns, ideas, and needs. There’s a special offer nearby you might want to put to good use.

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